Transportation Systems in North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the most happening states of USA. This is the most liked tourist places as every year a large number of tourists visit this place. Whenever we plan to visit a new place, all we wish to have a good transport facility in that place. Don’t we? Well, for the same cause, today we are going to talk about the Transport system in North Carolina. The transport facility of North Carolina is good. There are many transport systems available that can provide a great journey and experience to the tourists.

The most crowded city – Charlotte in North Carolina is quite easy to navigate because of the well planned blocks. But once you’re in the outlying neighborhoods, it becomes quite hectic and complex to reach out other places. There are many intersections of Queens, which make it tougher to visit several places, but because of the amazing transportation systems in North Carolina, people do not face difficulty to reach out other places.

Various Transportation Facilities in North Carolina

Talking about the transport facilities in North Carolina, the transport facilities are really wonderful here. You really do not need to worry about being misplaced. Many transport services such as car service, taxi service, cab services, light rail, bus services, trolleys and many other facilities are available here. Some of the most popular transport facilities in North Carolina are as follows:

CATS – Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Service
CATS is one of the most popular transport facility. Talking about the total number of passengers then annually CATS services more than 25 million passengers. It covers  70 routes across the city. From Monday to Saturday, the CATS service is available from 4:49am to 2am whereas on Sundays, it is available from 5:25 a.m. to 2 a.m. The charges are $2.20 for all ways. Children who are under 5 can take a free ride. For seniors and youth, the bus charge is only $1.

LYNX Blue Line Light Rail
The LYNX is the first rapid rail system in North Carolina which connects the Center City to the South Charlotte. This rail runs on 15 stations. The line opens every 10 minutes during the rush hours on weekdays. In weekend, this service is available every 30 minutes at night and every 20 minutes during the daytime. The charges to every way is $2.20.

Sprinter Bus
The sprinter bus is an comfortable way to reach center city from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. This bus is a hybrid electric bus which is quite easy and affordable. On Wednesday, the sprinter bus runs every 20 minutes and every night, it runs 30 minutes.

Uber is the most famous transport facilty not only in North Carolina but across the world. Uber is well known for its super fast service. It tracks your location with the help of GPS and provides you the nearest available driver.  Uber driver picks you from any place you want. The service is always available. The best thing is that the first user can get free ride upto $20.

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